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Whatsapp Video Calling Feature to be Launched | Download Available

Whatsapp has become the number one messenger in few years of it release. It has been updated every month including new features, new updates, no bugs etc. So now a new evolution will be coming in Whatsapp very soon. You will be seeing a new feature in the new WhatsApp updates. It will be the Whatsapp Video Calling Feature. It is expected that the Whatsapp Video Calling Feature to be launched within a month or two. Check here the latest information and how to download the Whatsapp Video Calling Features.

Whatsapp Video Calling Feature to be Launched

Whatsapp Video Calling will be activated soon. When you will open your Whatsapp next time. It will have a new option i.e., Whatsapp Video Calling Feature. You need to click on it and then you can have a video chat with anyone with the latest update. With this new Video Calling Feature, it will leave the Skype, Facebook Video Chat Option and any other that will be coming in it ways.

Whatsapp Video Calling Feature

Skype has been ruling since it was launched. After it launched, it has not been affected by the launch of Facebook Messenger or any video call. This time, Whatsapp will be challenging the Skype Video Calling Feature. It may be an end of Skype if, Whatsapp video feature will rule the Video Calling Features.

This year only, the Whatsapp Voice Call was opened up for the all the users. It has not been a success in providing a very good communication platform. It does not give a good service on the 3G platform. Which might be a question that if Whatsapp Voice is not working perfectly how will the Whatsapp Video Calling Features will work on the Mobile Network.

Whatsapp Video Calling Feature

There are almost 900 Million active WhatsApp user, and they do expect a better service and new features to keep coming in the WhatsApp. So if Whatsapp is planning to launch the Whatsapp Video Calling Features it has to be done with the perfection, otherwise there will be no difference between Whatsapp, Facebook and Skype Video Calling.

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