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WhatsApp Blocking Telegram Links on Android: Rival App

If you want to invite your friends to use Telegram App using Whatsapp in Android, that can be a bit of problem. Popular  messaging platform WhatsApp has started block links to rival app Telegram, during a move that has already started earning it criticism. Yes my friends, It true Whatsapp Blocking Telegram Links.

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Whatsapp Blocking Telegram Links: Whatsapp Vs. Telegram

Several Telegram, users according on Monday that WhatsApp was blocking links to Telegram. Such messages, what is more, cannot be copied or forwarded to friends. Gadgets 360 severally verified the claim and additionally found that several alternative links with Telegram, because the server name were also blocked by WhatsApp. Telegram.notme and Telegram.com, that don’t seem to be connected with Telegram, service, also are being blocked. This problem is with those users who recently updated their WhatsApp app to version 2.12.367.

WhatsApp Blocking Telegram Links
WhatsApp Blocking Telegram Links

The problem with Telegram users is that when they sending are sending a telegram. me or telegram.org link from Whatsapp Messenger, then the links are not clickable.  This problem is only with Android devices only and does not affect to iPhones.

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In Telegram, to create the hyperlink of Telegram with the Telegram id which can be read as telegram.me/username and also can invite the friends to use this app. This link is working on WhatsApp’s iOS app only,  on Android the links are not working, that means you can not click on them to open Telegram page.

WhatsApp Blocking Telegram Links

After latest update in Telegram’s, it has some new  features in the app, such as a super group in which users can add 1000 members exactly 10 times comparable to WhatsApp giving currently. More feature of Telegram is that user can share files more up to 1.5 GB that is more than WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Blocking Telegram Links

Telegram is available in Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch, Windows, OS X and Linux platforms, Android, iOS where more than 62 million active users monthly (May 2015). Whereas WhatsApp is supportable to Windows Phone, Symbian, Android, BlackBerry Tizen and Firefox OS platforms is over 900 million.

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